The Long Run is a five-year research programme looking at the relationship between running and contemporary performance and theatre.

Focused on endurance running the research asks what are the implications for body-based enquiries in the performing arts, following recent studies in biology, anthropology and archaeology that propose the human body achieved its current form, and its survival, from the evolved ability to run relatively great distances.

How do body-based cultural practices respond to this re-writing of the human body? And what happens to the difficult practice of endurance running once we begin to think about it in social and cultural terms?

The programme will produce a number of seminars, conferences, articles and performances.

The Long Run is led by artist Gregg Whelan (Lone Twin) and supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council through a Fellowship in the Creative and Performing Arts at King’s College London. Hosted by the English Department and The Performance Foundation at King’s, the research draws on King’s celebrated expertise in the anatomical and human sciences.